ZEISS Auriga CrossBeam


ZEISS Auriga CrossBeam


(TSS# 6509) This 2011 Auriga CrossBeam has been remanufactured to OEM functionality and can be used for TEM lamella prep, circuit edit front and back, defect/failure analysis, nanofabrication, nanoprototyping and MEMS. This Auriga is equipped with:

• Gemini Electron column, 0.1keV to 30keV, 4 pA – 20nA
• Canion ion Column, 5keV – 30keV, 1 pA – 50nA
• MonoGIS injection system
• 100 x 100mm 6 axis motorized eucentric stage
• In-lens detector, SE2 and EsB detector
• Dual CCD IR chamber scopes
• OS: Windows 7
• UI: SmartSEM, version 5.07
• Dual joystick
• Edwards XDS 10Dry pre-vacuum pump and Haskris R050 chiller
• Includes installation, basic operational training and 90-day warranty

Available Options Include:
• Gas chemistries
• Plasma cleaner
• On-site applications training

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