Philips CM 120


Philips CM 120


(TSS#2340) This pre-owned CM 120 TEM with CompuStage is ReManufactured to OEM functionality and includes:
• 20-120kV Electron column
• Tungsten Gun
• Twin objective lens
• Imaging modes: Bright Field, Dark Field, Diffraction
• CompuStage goniometer with Single Tilt holder
• Embedded Microprocessor control
• Camera: CCD 1.3MP
• Vacuum System, ODP with mechanical PVP
• “New” Haskris air cooled chiller
• Installation, operational training and 90-day warranty

Additional Options Include:
• Wehnelt-spare
• Cameras “USED & NEW”
• Selection of refurbished holders

Maintenance and Servicing

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Standard Services

installation by tss microscopy included Installation Included Training Basic Operational Training 90 Day Warranty 90 Day Warranty

Optional Upgrades and Services

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