FEI Versa 3D


FEI Versa 3D


(TSS# 4984) This 2013 Versa 3D DualBeam is used for defect characterization, failure analysis, and TEM sample prep

• Schottky NG FEG electron column & Ga LMIS ion column
• e-beam deceleration
• Vacuum modes: High Vacuum, Low Vacuum, and ESEM
• Detectors:
– InColumn Detector (Secondary Electrons (SE)
– Everhart-Thornley SE detector (ETD)
– Concentric Backscattered Electron (BSE) detector
– Low Vacuum SE detector
– Gaseous SE detector
• Plasma cleaner for sample and chamber cleaning
• Cryo can for DualBeam
• Original Gas Injection Systems (GIS): Max 3, includes: Pt & Carbon deposition
• Integrated fast beam blanker
• AutoSlice and View (Automated sequential mill and view for 3D reconstruction)
• Maps (Navigation and photomontage)
• EasyLift NanoManipulator (collection of TEM lamella)
• 5-axis motorized eucentric tilt stage
– XYZ: 110 x110, T: 65mm x R: n x 360⁰
• IR Camera for viewing sample/column
• Chamber integrated Nav-Cam

6-month warranty, installation & operational training (North America)*
*Installation outside of North America will be quoted.

• GIS chemistries Pt, W(CO)6, C, Xef2, I-Dep2, H2O, SCM, IEE & others
• High-performance Ion Conversion and Electron (ICE) detector
• Electron Beam Induced Current detector (EBIC)
• Oxford X-MaxN Silicon Drift Energy Dispersive X-Ray (EDX) detector
• Oxford Electron Backscatter Diffraction (EBSD) detector
• Oxford EBS3 (Automated sequential mill and acquire EBSD maps and/or orientation maps)
• Oxford EDS3 (Automated sequential mill and acquire EDS data of chemical maps)
• Retractable STEM detector with Bright Field, Dark Field & High Angle Annular Dark Field
• Hot and Peltier (e.g. cold stage) Stages
• Auto Slice & View

Included With Instrument

180 day warranty from TSS Microscopy 180 Day Warranty Installation Available Installation Available Training Basic Operational Training

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