FEI Magellan SEM


FEI Magellan SEM


(TSS#6080) The Magellan XHR (eXtreme High Resolution) scanning electron microscope is capable of 0.9nm SEM resolution and 0.8nm STEM resolution. Includes installation, operational training and 90-day warranty.

This FEI Magellan includes:
• Elstar XHR electron column, 300v–30kV, Schottky FEG
• In lens SE and BSE detector
• Everhart-Thornley SE detector (ETD)
• vCD backscatter detector, solid state retractable
• Win xP OS and FEI xT UI; TSS networking computer to make IT happy
• Five-axis motorized piezo driven compucentric stage
• Full coverage for 100mm samples
• 100mm load lock
• Chamber scope for real time observation
• Vacuum System: oil free, column IGP x 2, air cooled Turbo and dry PVP

Available Options Include:
• Gas Injection System: Metal deposition (Tungsten, Platinum)
• Plasma Cleaner

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