FEI Expida 1255

Call for Quotation

FEI Expida 1255

Call for Quotation

(TSS#4542) This 2005 Expida 1255 DualBeam includes basic operational training and 90-day warranty.

• FEG Electron column: Schottky FEG with through-the-lens detection
• E-beam: 5 nm, 1–30 kV
• Magnum ion column, Ga 69/71 LMIS, with CDEM below lens detection
• I-beam: 7 nm, 5–30 kV
• Windows OS and FEI UI; TSS networking computer to make IT happy
• Five-axis motorized compucentric stage
• XYZ: 305 x 305 x 12 mm
• Tilt: – 5° to + 60°, Rotation:  n x 360°
• Single wafer load drawer for 300mm, 200mm wafers or pieces
• Chamber scope for real time observation
• Gas Injection System (GIS): Max 4 injectors 2 included, chemistry of choice
• Vacuum System, oil free with air cooled Turbo, IGP x 3 & dry PVP

• Includes installation (North America)*
* Installation outside of North America will be quoted.
• 90 day warranty

Additional Options Include:
• GIS chemistries
• Plasma Cleaner
• Omniprobe for lamella extraction

Included With Instrument

90 Day Warranty 90 Day Warranty Training Basic Operational Training

Optional Upgrades and Services

Annual Service Contracts Available Annual Service Contracts Preventive Maintenance Visits Preventive Maintenance On Demand Service Contacts On Demand Service

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