TSS Microscopy provides consumables – including sources, detectors and cables – for FEI DualBeam, SEM, TEM, FIB. Please contact us with your instrument model so we can provide you with a quotation.

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Custom aperture strip for FIB and Dual Beams.  You tell us what currents you want to see, and you get them! Made for Prelens, Magnum, and Sidewinder FEI columns. Price depends on column type.  
Square style CDEM detector for first generation FIB/DB We also have the round, newer style. Click to see the bullet style detector.
New high tension cap and cable for FIB. For use with FEI PHILIPS FIB and FIB-SEM systems with FEI Sidewinder, Magnum or FEI Tomahawk FIB columns. Note: direct replacement FEI part No: 4022 262 43531. […]
All detectors available for sale for Quanta ESEM: SED, BSE, LFD, GSED Contact us for more information and compatibility.
New CDEM for FEI FIB and Dual Beam Note, this is the Bullet round style.  There is another style which is more square.  We have the square style detector too!  

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FEI GIS assembly (tested and working) for FIB and Dual Beam Controllers also available $2,500 Refilled crucibles available.  All except IEE ready for plug-n-play crucible change Pt $2,520 (Precious metal!  Ask for exact pricing) IDEP […]