Analytical Lab Services

TSS Microscopy's Analytical Services lab is equipped with field emission SEM, field emission TEM/STEM and 300mm DualBeam microscopes, plus EDX, EBSD, STEM, and GIF capabilities.

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  • Semiconductor failure & process analysis
  • Circuit design & edit
  • Materials analysis
  • Life sciences imaging
  • TEM sample preparation

Contact TSS Analytical Services for your materials analysis needs.

Call +1 503 616 4710 x 203 or simply email

For requests outside of our normal business hours (Pacific Time Zone), please text +1 503 781 0428.

Instruments Available

Our analytical lab microscopes include:
FEI Helios 1200+ 300mm full wafer DualBeam
FEI Helios DualBeam small stage systems
High Resolution, Aberration Corrected SEM
Circuit Edit FIB System

Services Available

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