Our Team

Each member of the TSS team strives to be a hero for their customers. No capes…just an unwavering dedication to serving the research community with high performance instrument solutions and the support programs that enable customers to get maximum value from their investment. Take a moment to meet the principals of TSS Microscopy.

Unrivaled industry knowledge. One of the unique qualities of the TSS Microscopy team is that their decades of experience come exclusively from the electron microscopy industry. You will not find a team of people more qualified to support you in your microscope procurement process.


TSS Microscopy’s deep industry knowledge enables us to seek out the best instruments for today’s research, ensuring a pipeline of leading solutions and offering customers choices for meeting their demands and ensuring their success. We strive to be better than others in our industry. We listen to our customers, pay attention to the details they share, and work diligently to maintain their trust, meet their expectations, and ensure their long-term satisfaction at every step of the sales and support process.

A full solution provider, from the sale to the post-sale support, TSS Microscopy is well positioned to handle all freight logistics, installation, service and maintenance, and operation and applications training.

TSS Microscopy is committed to minimizing transmission of COVID-19 and we are adjusting our operations accordingly.Learn more here